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Black beauty Neferteri Shepherd

Can we talk about it now? Please? Here we go: booty, booty, curves, hips, and booty. Booty. Exquisite and natural breasts. And booty. Never before have we been so incoherent (except for Summer Altice, who had it going on and on) with regard to a model. Neferteri Shepherd is a dime, straight up, as in ten on ten. A woman with her body type is the reason why the female is venerated in art, music and literature. If you can cast your gaze away from her figure, look at her eyes and try to convince us that Neferteri is not the essence of sex appeal. As for that stunning bottom, it is not the size of the booty that is hypnotic (although it is a perfect, raised circle) but the waist to hip to behind ratio that has us in a state of awe. Call it her Nubian heritage or whatever you want. The woman is a goddess.


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